Refinance Documentation Checklist

About Refinance Documentation Checklist

Let's make sure your mortgage is in the best situation possible. Contact me today for a free no obligation refinance analysis! After you receive your copy, we will review it together, I'll answer any questions and advise on best case scenarios. If you decide to move forward, the next steps will be to provide the short list of docs below.

Financial/Personal Items:

  • One full month (30 days) most recent pay stubs
  • Two years most recent W-2's and federal tax returns
  • Two months most recent full statements for all bank accounts, mutual funds, annuities, 401K's and other similar asset accounts (all pages please)
  • Copy of drivers license(s)

Property Information:

  • Copy of homeowner's insurance policy or name and phone number for homeowner's insurance agent
  • Most recent mortgage statement(s)

Documents Unique to Situations:

  • If retired or disabled: award letter, year-end statement, most recent bank statement showing your social security or disability being deposited and evidence of expected continuance for 3 years.
  • If paying child support: amount paid each month.
  • If receiving child support: separation agreement/child support order, evidence that child support has been received consistently for the past 3 months, evidence that support is expected to continue for at least 3 years.

With these documents we can usually get a clear picture of what kind of loan you'll need, but we may need to request more documentation to get more specific. Bear with us - it's part of the process. And the more information we have up front, the more accurately we can provide numbers to you.

About Refinance Documentation Checklist
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