MassDreams Grant

The purpose of this program is to provide expanded down payment assistance as well as other support, to support sustainable and durable homeownership and increase long-term housing security for people and places that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

  • Assistance must be used for Down Payment, and additional funds may be used for Closing Costs, Single Borrower paid MI Premiums, and Interest Rate Write-down
  • Grant requires no repayment.
  • Eligible residents of Disproportionately Impacted Communities may receive up to $50,000 subject to eligibility requirements noted below

Eligibility Process           
Potential hombuyer must be pre-qualified for assistance through* before applying to MassHousing. *link will be available when the program is released
Maximum Income
Residents of Disproportionally Impacted Communities* may earn up to 135% of the area median income (AMI), subject to further restrictions below.

Eligible Borrower

  • Residents of Disproportionately Impacted Communities*
  • Property being purchased may be located anywhere in Massachusetts.
  • First-time Homebuyer. All Eligible Borrowers must attest that they are first-time homebuyers and agree to live in the property as their primary residence.

Disproportionately Impacted Communities Acceptable Sources of Proof of Residency   
*As defined by the Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance (currently
Attleboro, Barnstable, Boston, Brockton, Chelsea, Chicopee, Everett, Fall River, Fitchburg,
Framingham, Haverhill, Holyoke, Lawrence, Leominster, Lowell, Lynn, Malden, Methuen, New
Bedford, Peabody, Pittsfield, Quincy, Randolph, Revere, Salem, Springfield, Taunton, Westfield,
and Worcester).
Two documents must be from this group dated within 30 days. For a document to prove residence, it must state the residential address. A P.O. Box is not an acceptable proof of residency. Documents mailed "in care of" are not valid for proof of residency.

  • Utility Bill (electric, heating, telephone, cable, cell)
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Medical/Hospital Statement
  • Current Lease or Rental Agreement
  • Bank Statement
  • W-2 Wage & Tax Statement from immediate prior year
  • Current Pension Statement or Retirement Statement
  • Paystubs
  • Current SSA Statement
  • Current Installment Loan (car loan)
  • Auto Insurance or Renter Insurance Policy
  • School Transcript, Tuition Bill (current year)
  • Jury Duty Summons
  • RMV Issued Correspondence

Eligible Property Type
Condominiums or 1-4-family homes located anywhere in Massachusetts to be used as the borrower's primary residence. Further restrictions may apply based on 1st mortgage product chosen

Owner Occupied/Must be borrower primary place of residence.

Maximum Assistance
Residents of Disproportionately Impacted Communities may receive:
-up to $50,000 if their income is at or below 100% AMI
-up to $35,000 if their income is between 100.01% – 135% AMI

Eligible Uses of Funds*
Subject to maximum assistance noted below, funding may be used in the following ways, aimed at improving the ability of potential borrowers to qualify for a mortgage:
-Down payment assistance for up to 5% of the purchase price or appraised value, whichever is less, of the home.
-Remaining funds, up to the maximum assistance level, may be used for the following expenses:
-Closing costs to include any fees customary paid by the borrower(s) associated with the real estate and/or Mortgage transaction including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Origination charges, and discount points
  • Appraisal and credit report fees,
  • Prepaids/escrows,
  • Legal services,
  • Settlement or escrow services,
  • Survey,
  • Title insurance,
  • Transfer taxes and tax stamps

-Prepayment of MIF-Single non-refundable Mortgage Insurance Premiums or the Upfront MIP for FHA Loans.
-Discount points with evidence of a commensurate reduction in interest rate.
* MASSHOUSING will not purchase or fund any loan which is determined to be a higher-priced mortgage loan ("HPML) or a high-cost mortgage ("HCM").
MASSHOUSING will not grant exceptions to this policy regardless of type of loan (e.g., Conventional, FHA)

Homebuyer Counseling
All borrowers must complete an approved homebuyer education course in accordance with MassHousing's first mortgage loan requirements.

MassHousing Forms
Initial Documents Provided to the Homebuyer by MassHousing

  • MassDREAMS Grant Program Disclosure
  • MassDREAMS Homebuyer Attestation

Document to be signed at Closing

  • MassDREAMS Grant Agreement

Repayment of Program Funds  
Grant does not require repayment.
Eligible 1st Mortgage Product

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